Monday, November 20, 2006

Teacher, teacher!

Just had my very first real lesson - 2 1/4 hours, argggh! BUT surprisingly the class was really nice, things seemed to go fine, they managed to do all the activities and the time didn't really drag - in fact, I ended with material to spare, which was a lot better than casting around for things to do at the end of the lesson. I have four more today, which I'm not so prepared for, but hopefully I can fill up one with lots of 'getting to know you' games, the other I have to give a test, which I'm not super sure how to do, but at least it involves me getting paid to sit quietly for an hour and a half (or, more likely, to plan my last lesson), and the last one is a kid's lesson... 6-9 year olds... How's that going to fly?
PS I had to get up at 6.30 am (probably a little earlier than usual because I was stressed about getting here on time) and won't be home until 9.30 pm or so... Then I still have to plan for tomorrow's classes (well, I have tomorrow day to do that as well). All this for a pittance of rubles! The life of an English teacher...


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  2. as long as the pupils don't hate the teacher , lorra luv,


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