Sunday, January 16, 2011


Oops, it would appear I haven't posted in over a month, sorry 'faithful readers'. I will get around to my Christmas trip to the UK & subsequent visit of my parents over here at some point. I also still have a ton of photos from Venice.

However, today I will share with you my foray into the world of soup-making, mostly to prove to my Dad that I actually followed through! I don't want to say that cooking more is a 'New Year's Resolution' per se, it's more just something that I want to do in general, but it kind of is.

My first effort, made with the help of the Kindle I got for my birthday & fresh veg from the Sunday market, was minestrone soup. Herein follows a photographic record of my soup -

Eep! Perhaps I *dont* have suitable onions in the cupboard after all...

A selection of the ingredients - onion, carrots, turnip, cabbage, pasta and beans amongst other things:

Bubbling away:


Verdict? Tasty, although it ended up a bit closer to a wet ratatouille-type consistency than a very liquidy soup, I might adjust quantities in future, although it is of course good to pack so much vegetable in. Extremely filling too, and should be able to get a few meals out of it, maybe I can freeze it. Cheap too - not sure how much since I bought stuff at the supermarket and the markets, and had some stuff already at home, but I reckon under 5 euros for everything (and obviously I didn't use the whole bag of pasta etc. etc.) First of many, hopefully!