Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Au revoir!

I am now leaving Ebblinghem! (The red line means you're exiting the town)

Bye Ebblinghem!


A normal human hand present to show the scale of my boobage ha

Marky Mark looking sexy (?)

Me and James

Anna, me looking longingly into the distance - or "completely smashed" depending on your p.o.v. - which I wasn't even (for a change) and Clare

Clare, Esther, me, Anna and Phia

Charlie's Angels in action - Clare, Phia, Anna and Esther

Evil James, Mark and me

Me and Phia before a night out in St Omer

The girls out for lunch - Phia, Anna, me, Esther, Jay and Clare - just learned how to do b&w photos on me camera!

Out for lunch at the fancy but cheap (14 euro for 3 courses, sweet) Le Cygne for Esther's birthday - Esther, Jay, Clare, Rob (Clare's bf), Anna and Phia

The girls just can't keep away

Sexing it up with my multiple bras and extremely shiny nozzle

The slippery pyjamas superheroes - Anna, birthday girl Esther, me, Phia and Clare, the damsel in distress

Esther's bday skit - after Clare suffered an accident due to slippery pyjamas, the girls put her in the recovery position

Jay, Phia and Anna get their groove on on Phia's bed - we had a girly girl sleepover with wine, junk food, music and games in honour of Esther's 19th

Jay and Phia at Esther's sleepover

Phia models one of my fancy new bras

Well, this is it, my last evening at the Chateau, quelle triste! Actually I don't really know what to feel at the mo - a mix of excitement over the move, nervousness, sad to be leaving my friends but HAPPY that I don't have to do my job anymore! The last little bit has been pretty low-key, nothing much to report really (hence I haven't). Went out on Sat night, but was only out for about 1 1/2 hours and not much went on, last night we had a few farewell drinks in the bar, but again, nothing too exciting. I'm nursing a nasty chesty cold and have slept most of today, apart from a spot of work in the morning and a lunch date out in St Omer with the guys. No drinkies for me tonight cause I gotta rest up for my 8 1/2 hour train journey tomorrow! Haven't finished packing yet, I still have wet clothes, thanks partially to Mike - I said "please let me know when your washing's done, I really need to wash mine ASAP to make sure it dries". So what did he do? Came up to me and said "My washing's done", I went in there and there was another load in - when I asked whose it was he said "oh, my whites were done, now my darks are in there!" Wanker. Not at all sure it's all gonna fit, but fingers crossed!


  1. lovely to see you and mike are still so close! thats a crazy load of new people i didnt know were there! looking forward to hearing about the new excitement of the alps... xxliss

  2. Ha ha cheers yep nothing stays the same at the chateau they all know who you are though!


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