Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I can't believe it, it snowed! Here! In Nice! I'm so excited! (Can you tell?) I was hoping to get some snow in England, but didn't dream that it would snow here. The weather the past few days has seriously been testing the limits of my wardrobe by the way... I had it in my head that winter in Nice would be like winter in Auckland (i.e. daytime temps around... I don't know, 12 degrees?) but SURPRISE, it's cold! I won't complain too much, as long as it gives me snow. Which as of now, 9.40 am, is still lying on the ground, rooftops and on trees and looking all wintry and Christmassy and fabulous. Only a couple of centimetres, but still. I didn't see it actually fall because it was night and my shutters were down. I read online that the forecast was rain/snow mixed and I was just kind of like "yeah whatever" so was so surprised when I saw it that I got dressed and ran downstairs at 1.30 in the morning to play in it a bit. Then I threw snowballs off our balcony and accidentally hit the same car twice (sorry!)

Yesterday was my last day of school until the new year. Ugh, hard day as well. Well, hard two hours. The last hour was the last before the holidays and yeah, the kids were being real pains in the arses as I suppose is the custom before the holidays. Even when it's only been like 6 weeks since the last holidays! I taught them the 12 days of Christmas too, with varying degrees of success.

My parents and brother landed in the UK last night :) I leave here on Tuesday to join them for Christmas. Can't wait! The list of things I want to buy in the UK is growing by the day (hair clips! insoles! cider! chocolate!) Oh and I will finally get hold of the Eftpos card for my UK bank account, which was mailed out to New Zealand. Thus magically unlocking 500 pounds which I plan to do justice to clothes shopping! Yay!

This doesn't really fit in the post, but I have to tell someone - walked downstairs the other day early in the morning and sprung this shaven-headed, be-earringed teen practising his moonwalk in the mirror in the lobby. He had his back to me and his ipod in so he didn't hear me coming down the stairs until he saw my reflection and pretended to be tying his shoe. Too late, buddy! Ahahahahaha. Shame on your name. That is all.

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  1. Hi! It's Kate, the American assistant whose blog you found. The "celebrity" from my little jaunt to Israel was Doug from the Instant Kiwi commercials. :) Joyeuses fêtes!


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