Sunday, January 24, 2010

Avignon photos

Photos from Avignon - look at that blue sky! What a gorgeous day!

A courtyard in the Palais des Papes

One of the many huge and cavernously empty halls the palace specialised in. PS God bless the off-season!

Le Pont d'Avignon - it took a few tries to get this without cars in the way and I am (justly?) proud

The pont, from the pont - meta-pont!

The Palais des Papes

Some Popes of questionable gender and/or sexuality. Not that there's anything wrong with that, although I'm pretty sure there would have been at the time...

Looking down the Rhone from the Pont d'Avignon. PS sorry purists, but I just can't do circumflexes without a lot of hassle... Don't even get me started on how I've somehow screwed up my apostrophe key so that it tries to put accents on everything all the time. Not even useful accents, things like ý

Picture of a feral rabbit tile I enjoyed in the Palais des Papes

View from the Pont. I like how it feels like I'm on board a ship. Kinda.

View of the pont from the tower of abiding coldness in the Palais des Papes

View of the square in front of the Palais des Papes from the tower

And now, our after-school special:
Sur le pont d'Avignon.................L'ON Y DANSER!

Some pointless leaping about

Pulp Fiction styles

The robot (HYYYYYYYYBO!) Hybo say hello Ranch clank clank

What is this one called? I've gone totally blank

Supposed to be the twist, not that you can tell. There was also the monkey, but that didn't translate to film too well either.


  1. Love the dancing on the bridge, hahahahaha ....

  2. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to get down to Avignon!


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