Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cans in Cannes

I walked all this way and back again!

The beach about halfway between Cannes and La Napoule

Castle by the beach at La Napoule

The beach near the Cannes port

I don't really have much to say about Cannes, where I went for the first time on Saturday, except that it was a gorgeous sunny day and I enjoyed lying on a sandy beach again. The blog title is an awful, immature reference to the fact that there were a lot of boobs on show, if I were a 14 year-old boy, I would have been in heaven!

Not being a 14 year-old boy, I wasn't all that impressed by Cannes. To be fair, I got off the bus pretty much in the centre of the shopping bit I think, and then headed down, around the port, and to the beach, so I actually didn't see all that much of Cannes proper. I lay on the beach for a while and then I started walking towards a town I could see in the distance - didn't actually realise at first that I was effectively walking out of Cannes. Ended up walking what I am informed is a bit over 7 km, to La Napoule, where I spent some more time on the beach, and then walked allll the way back to Cannes, so over 14 km :)

I actually went the wrong way for the famous 'Croisette', so I suppose I should go back and walk the other way for the full Cannes experience. I think I saw the place where they hold the Cannes film festival, although it was very ingloriously covered with ads for some sort of Polly Pocket-type thing, so if it was the place, not at all glamorous!

I had my first encounter with a tourist asking if I spoke English, and I said 'a little bit' which was supposed to be a joke but completely didn't work as one. Won't do that again... Then on the train back I was reading a French woman's mag which had a fashion spread with girls wearing cut-off jeans so short that the pockets hung out below the line of the jeans. I was all 'that looks so stupid' and then 5 minutes later, there's a dumb American tourist wearing them! I probably sound completely anti-American here, but the shorts do look stupid and I'm basing the dumb comment on the fact that we were all waiting to get off the train and she was standing in front of the button and didn't press it. Which, yeah, happens when you travel I know... But tourists just annoy me generally (hypocrite!) especially when they talk really loudly in English, which she was.

Also, some Italian tramp came up while I was eating my lunch and asked me if I spoke English and I was actually really super-rude to him, which I now feel bad about. Much like I hate tourists speaking English loudly, I hate people assuming I'm an English-speaker off the bat and addressing me accordingly. Although a) this is probably a good tramp technique to maximise your gains in a touristy place and b) maybe he didn't even speak French. But, you know, I'm also not a super fan of people asking me for money, kinda grown out of being the bleeding-heart I was when I first came to Europe, at least as far as tramps are concerned. There's so many of them and the state is so generous that even I, a foreigner, technically qualify for housing assistance, I'm sure there's all kinds of help out there for them. This whole post is starting to make me sound kind of fascisty! I'm actually not a terrible person, I swear! (And I'm liberal politically, but not sounding that way today!!) You just get sick of people begging... two homeless people have taken over the bus-stop where I get off for school most days, luckily it's not where I catch the bus home so I don't have to hang around there, but still, you have to walk over them every day... Okay, seriously, rant over, quit before I look even worse! Ciao!

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