Friday, June 11, 2010

Be less passive!

Home sick today, for the second day - just a cold, but I was pretty exhausted yesterday. Bit better today, but have moved from exhausted phase to 'bit tired and very snotty' phase. Anyway, went to the supermarket and am now fuming at self. I had stepped back from the queue a bit (but was still RIGHT THERE) cos the dad in front of me had asked his son to go put the basket away. (Even with my general hatred of kids, I gotta admit French kids are cuter than most. I showed the kid where to put the basket and got a piping little 'merci' out of him, aww.) Anyway, this dude came marching up just as I was about to put my basket on the thing, clearly heading straight in front of me. I kind of looked at him for a second cos my first thought was that he must be with the dad and kid, or he wouldn't just cut in like that, decided he wasn't with them, and proceeded to stick my basket up. Then he goes 'it's just these things' - 3 items. So I said, 'vas-y', which is the less polite way to say 'go ahead'. But I'm mad at myself because what I should have said was something like 'are you incapable of asking whether you can go in front of me' or 'I would have let you in front of me if you asked' or something instead of my typical passive 'okay then'. Okay, minor incident, but just generally annoyed that I'm incapable of standing up for myself. I was reading someone else's blog (forget who, sorry if you're reading this) saying that she'd finally started to imitate the French in just being blunt and calling people out on their actions - I wish I could do that too! Unfortunately it goes against my general nature and my reluctance to 'out myself' in casual encounters as a non-Frenchie...

Anyway, in better news, World Cup starts today, and I'm home so I can watch it (and stave off going crazy with boredom, it's a win-win). I'm going to try to make onion dip in honour of the occasion - I have a packet of Maggie onion soup, which, unsurprisingly, looks like what's sold as 'French onion' at home. Couldn't find either reduced cream or the substitute sour cream, so I bought creme fraiche and am very doubtful as to the results. But if it fails, it was like a 1.50 investment, so oh well.

Also, a book came in the post from Amazon, yay! Other than that, no news, weather has been crap, sunny today though, hopefully tomorrow as well.


  1. Use english and practice expressions like back of the queue frogshit!


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