Saturday, April 16, 2011

Venice wanderings by water and by land

My second set of Venice photos today, these are just photos of my wanderings through the streets and canals of Venice. I'm afraid if I ever knew any of the details of where I was/what I was looking at, I've probably forgotten now! Thus I present these snaps largely without commentary - you can pretend you're wandering lost in Venice too :)

Statues and masks:

Views of and from the Rialto Bridge and the surrounding area:

Palaces on the canal front:

Islands in the lagoon:

Il serenissimo:

Venice hospital:

New handbag!

On the Grand Canal:


In and around the original Ghetto:

St Mark flag:

Dining alone - always a depressing experience. Made more so when the waiter keeps ignoring your requests to pay and starts dumping stuff from the tables he's clearing around you onto yours:



Some of the smaller canals:


  1. What a rotten pig of a waiter! Great photos...

  2. I hope you left an appropriate tip (small bucket of vomit or similar)

  3. Gwan I forgot to ask when you first started posting on Venice, did you go to the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice - the one that's in her house? It's awesome!

  4. P.S. that last comment was from Tiana

  5. Hey - you got a picture of that house that was in the James Bond film. Funny - I thought it sank into the lagoon at the end of that movie. Don't tell me that was just special effects!

  6. Hey Yansie,
    Nice to see you on the blog! No :( I would have liked to but I had really so little time there, I couldn't do everything. The arty bits of the holiday were the Accademia and the Scuola di Rocco. Much as I like modern art, I decided I should go for the real Venicey stuff.

  7. Which house? I haven't seen any James Bond. Don't worry, I'm sure they sank the house and then lovingly resurrected it!


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