Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cute overload

I have photos from Cambridge and from my flatmate's bday party to post, but they'll have to wait because Rohmygodsocute!! My friend Liz *finally* got a kitten this week, after an exhaustive search of Tours' catfolk. Conveniently enough (for us) she's just flown off to Russia, so it means that we get to babysit for the week. Yay! He is very little (only 6 weeks old), has no name, and has to be quarantined from our other cats (which means he sleeps with GĂ©raldine, not me, boo). Quite the little trooper for a tiny baby though! He has adapted very well to yet another new home. And did I mention he's swooo cwute? (I am contractually obliged to point out that I love our two cats here in France and my cat back home too and they are also the cutest ever.)

Proud mama with her baby

Aw, nap time with a little friend

More nap time - tough life

Awww! This photo shows both how little the kitten is, and how stupidly big my handbag is (and I recently downsized...)



  1. Definitely most adorable!

  2. Definitely a mutant!

  3. I give you 2 groat for dat cat?

  4. Groats? Done! Transaction must be terminated before Liz gets back this Friday. All sales final.

  5. Cheque for 8d in the post. Please wrap cat and address to Mr. D. Jones. Locker, GPS coordinates 5E60W. Nice doing business wit you.

  6. I send cat when groats received. You responsible for dealing with angry mama.

  7. Has he gone home now? (What's his name, anyway?)


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