Monday, August 01, 2011

Virtual tour of my new place!

It may take some time before I have the place nice enough to take some photos with the furniture in, but in the meantime, I present you with a virtual tour of it empty.

Bienvenue! We come in the front door to a small corridor. Bedroom's on the left, bathroom on the right and living room/kitchen straight ahead.

Either side of the bedroom - I like having a proper window instead of a skylight in here. There's a bit more space that you can't really see

Ze bathroom - that's the shower cubicle on the right

The "coin cuisine" i.e. kitchen end of the living space

Le salon - living room. These photos probably make it look a bit smaller than it is because I'm standing in the middle and turning each way for the pictures so thus missing out a chunk of the middle of the room. There's also a third, bigger, skylight directly above where I'm standing to take the photos

A sample view - it's just rooftops on every side, but at least that means nice and private
And voila, that's all folks. But I'm pretty happy with it, especially now I have my stuff unpacked and furniture set up and all the rest of it. Still some small things to do, but all in all I'm happy with it and liking living alone so far!

Geraldine has been giving me grief about some outstanding bills in her name e.g. electricity. I have received various opinions ranging from "just pay them and be done with her" to "whatever you do, don't pay her a thing". I don't really know what to do so I've told her to send copies of all the bills to work (I didn't want to give her my new address) and I'll see what I think after the holidays. I really just want this to be over though. She had the nerve to send me a text after I said I wouldn't clean the old apartment basically saying I should be grateful for her giving me the TV (she said I was "well pleased" to get it, which really ticked me right off) and lending me stuff while we were living together (i.e. storing a table and a lamp and the tv in my room which she would have had nowhere else to put and no use for anyway, what a noble sacrifice) and now she was disappointed to have given me the TV. Anyway, I sent her a long email saying that I couldn't believe she dare say that I was acting badly, she should be thanking her lucky stars I reacted calmly and basically telling her what a piece of work she was and how the worst part wasn't even what she did but how she did nothing at all to try and fix the situation afterwards. Then I took the TV back to our old apartment (she wasn't there) and left it with a note saying "congratulations, now you don't have to be disappointed about ever having done a single thing for me". I am beyond even thinking that she'll take something away from that, I honestly think now she has some sort of personality problem in that she can't think about the consequences of her actions or be ashamed to ask me to do her a favour and then berate me for not doing it after everything that's happened.

Anyway, as I said, I'm sick of being upset and bothered by her. Tomorrow my holiday starts, yay! I'm up to Paris for the day, then flying to Kiev, arriving at 1.30 am so I've arranged a transfer to my hostel rather than trying to wander around the metro or who knows what at that time of night.I then have 4 full days in Kiev, including a daytrip to the medieval town of Chernihiv, before an overnight train to Lviv (kind of nervous about the train trips, both in terms of buying the tickets and hoping they won't be too hot and awful). Three days in Lviv, then an overnight train to Chernivtsi, which is a small city I want to use as a base for a trip to Kamyanets-Podilsky, a preserved medieval hill town. So I will do that trip on the first day, then just have overnight in Chernivtsi and I have to leave Chernivtsi the next day at about 2pm for I think a 14-hour voyage down to Odessa, yikes! I finish off with 4 days in Odessa, then overnight again to Kiev to catch my plane, get into Paris lateish, stay overnight there and then I will have another day in Paris before taking the train back to Tours. Kind of exhausted just typing all that! I feel a bit underprepared.I made the main arrangements way back in April, but having been preoccupied with this whole drama lately I haven't had time to really go into the details of sightseeing plans or brushing up on the language(s) etc. So I hope it goes well! I am to have a relaxed attitude and just take things as they come and enjoy myself rather than cramming too much in to each day and being exhausted. I'm glad though to have several days back in Tours with nothing planned before work starts up again! I will be taking my laptop, so hopefully soon be blogging atcha from Ukraine! Yay!


  1. Nice interesting place...

  2. The apartment looks great! I love that there's so much light. Have a wonderful time on vacation, sounds like it will be quite an adventure.

  3. The place looks very cool - nice city-life living :) Well done Jo. Moving apartment and dealing with stupid housemate is not to be underestimated, so you deserve a great holiday and to give yourself a break. Can't wait to hear what you get up to in the East. Love Ruth

  4. The new place looks great! You'll have to post again once you've made it your own!

    Also, your other posts are making me want to go to the Ukraine!

  5. Thanks ladies! I definitely will post photos when the place is nice. It's mostly in good shape, I just have a squillion cartons to get rid of and some minor storage problems still to work out. I have some time in Tours before going back to work, so hopefully can get it looking nice before then.

    Shannon - always happy to inspire, although you obviously missed the bits where I was wishing I'd chosen to lie on the beach in Spain or something, ha ha! Nah, it's cool and I like a bit of adventure, but I will be happy if and when I'm not getting lost every 5 minutes!


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