Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chenonceau, again

Yesterday after work I went to pick up my sister, who had arrived off the 2.10 flight. After stopping by my place, we headed out to the guinguette. The guinguette was meant to close last week, but obviously the weather and the mairie conspired to keep it open so Jess and I could revive our memories of dancing to Bad Billy and F@cking Butterfly while plying a 22 year old with cheap wine. Things were a bit tamer this time, but one wine still turned into several wines... and some cider... and a delicious tartiflette (each)... and I decided to text my boss and say I wasn't going to be in the next day (like, legit holiday, not pulling a sickie or anything). Say what you will about my job, but it is at least very easy to not go to if I don't feel like it!

I was very pleased about that decision today, as we headed out to Chenonceau in some lovely sunny weather, much warmer than expected. Much better than sitting in front of a computer in the quasi-basement room (it's actually above ground, it just doesn't feel like it is) at work. I had been to Chenonceau way back when I first came to Tours for my job interview, but that was in the middle of February, and it was quite a different experience seeing the place with flowers in the gardens, leaves on the trees, the sun in the sky, windows open, and, of course, packed with coach-loads of tourists!

Some Chenonceau photos:

Me in front of the giant caryatids

Jess made it to the centre of the world's cunningest maze!

The gardens of Diane de Poitiers

Me with the bed in the 'room of the five queens'


  1. Looks like a castle out of a fair-tale....

  2. fairy-tale..

    (you can't delete or correct, grrr)

  3. what are you doing posing with giant carrots?

  4. I jus had to leave a comment because the verification word was "fentid". It brings to mind all sorts of possible meanings, e.g. "I say old boy the duchess has just fentid". There's a 10 dollar prize for the best suggestion.


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