Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Marmageddon is here!!

You may remember my recent post in praise of Marmite. Well, luckily I got my stocks safely delivered at Christmas, because due to the after-effects of the Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand has hit "Peak Marmite" and gone into a serious tail-spin, with no more Marmite to be produced until July.

Some highlights from articles on the subject from the country's biggest newspaper:

"It was one simple warning - ration Marmite and yet it has sent the country into a spin as 'Marmageddon' takes hold."

"Sanitarium is urging consumers not to "freak out" as it works to relocate its Marmite manufacturing facilities to a safer part of the Christchurch site."

"Social network websites went into a frenzy yesterday when the news broke that consumers needed to ration their Marmite usage, and now almost 100 jars are up for sale on TradeMe."

The story even made headline news on CNN (a friend of mine who is in PR was apparently called for a comment - she's not the person named in the story though).

You can even watch a Canadian video about Marmageddon or a video of Kiwis trying to identify Marmite in a blind taste test.

And in case you wondered,

"Prime Minister John Key is among thousands of Kiwis having to ration their Marmite, as 'Marmageddon' enters its second day."

Yep, the Prime Minister has commented on the Marmpocalypse. And, confirming my low opinion of him, he thinks Vegemite's just as good. Exactly what I'd expect from someone with a history of traitorous behaviour towards his own country.


  1. hahaha - this gave me a lovely laugh eating my porridge at my work computer. "Only in NZ!!!!"

  2. It sounds as if I could have made a killing if I would have invested in Marmite back in February. Your post was full of clues about the alleged deliciousness of the stuff! Any chance that you have a jar or two left from the supply that your mom and dad brought over for you?

    As for me, I wouldn't have a problem rationing the Marmite...but I do feel for the panicked people in NZ!

  3. I can assure you I will 110% not be partaking in the Marmite rush thus leaving more jars for you and Mary Kay once Marmageddon is over with - you're welcome!

  4. This is HYSTERICAL! My favorite quote is: "Sanitarium is urging consumers not to freak out". Is it mass hysteria in NZ? I have to email my uncle who is from Auckland to get his two cents.

    I have only tasted Vegemite and really didn't like it. Does Marmite taste completely different? I wonder if I can find some in the States...you've piqued my curiosity. : )

  5. Mum - it's porridge season already?

    MK - I do have several jars, luckily! I'll be enjoying them all the more knowing they're worth their weight in gold.

    Chickster - the people of New Zealand are grateful for your restraint :)

    Ella - I've heard they're rioting in the streets, tell your uncle to take cover ;) Mmm I think they taste totally different, but I suspect you wouldn't like Marmite either tbh. I would be surprised if you could find NZ Marmite in the States, maybe British Marmite but that sucks!

  6. Just watched the 'blind taste test' video - hilariously amateurish! And notice how when the four jars are spread out, the Marmite one is a used one! They obviously couldn't buy one, so someone had to run home and get one out of the cupboard, hahaha!

  7. Ha I didn't notice that! I think people should have had to state their level of Marmite knowledge beforehand, to establish whether it was connoisseurs or not. I just sent you a text, did you get it?

  8. p.s. It's never not been porridge season - we haven't had a summer and now it's Autumn!!!!

  9. Yes, got it - Dad answered. I agree they should have only had staunch fans of either Marmite or Vegemite! (As you know I loathe them both....) M xx p.s. to Ella - Gwan's Mum does punctuation, heehee!

  10. I didn't get a reply from him either :( Looks like Marion was right. That sucks. I texted Jess too, hoping it works with her otherwise it will be a bit awkward this weekend!


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