Friday, May 18, 2012

A change is as good as a rest

Just a quick one, I just dropped Greg off at the station at 5 pm and am expecting my sister and her friend around 6-6.30 or so. The post title is in reference to the fact that I will need to catch up on my sleep and detox next week, but for the moment I am looking forward to another fun weekend! Not that Greg and I have been partying hard, but there have been a few drinks every evening, and we've been up till 1 or 2 am talking every night, so I will be needing my rest...

There have certainly been moments this past week when I've wanted to throttle Greg - notably this morning when, instead of helping me clean the apartment, he was following me around playing a terrible shrill version of "Bolero" on the recorder. Or when I was trying to tell him an (admittedly crap) story about recycling and he kept on talking over me in his "comedy French" voice (eh nana, je peux te choper une clope? etc.) But we've also had a lot of fun, from chasing a spider into my neighbour's apartment (sorry about that) to debating which 20th century dictator it would be most embarrassing to accidentally sleep with (feel free to play along in the comments section). I've also been really surprised by the "deep and meaningful" discussions we've had over the last few days. While, for example, I've stayed in pretty much constant contact with Rick over the last few years, Greg and I have only been in touch very sporadically over the last 5. However, we really reconnected and spent a lot of time discussing everything from politics to religion to Why We Are 30ish And Still Alone And Living Essentially Meaningless Existences.

I really feel we've got a lot closer and I hope it's not going to be another 5 years before we catch up again. While at first there was a part of me that really felt not up to having someone take over half my apartment for a week or so, I'm now feeling sad that he's gone. Meeting awesome people from all over the world is definitely one of the great things about travelling, but the flipside of that is that you and others are always moving on and it can easily be years before you find yourselves on the same patch of ground again, if you stay in touch at all. And then there's the whole struggle to start over again and make new friends every time you find yourself somewhere new... Well, good thing I have another weekend of fun to look forward to at least!

PS the new Blogger is very annoying with not putting line breaks in if you compose posts in HTML mode. Grrr!


  1. Speaking of 20th century dictators, have you seen "The Dictator", Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie? Every time that I turn on the tv in the States, he seems to be promoting it. Since he does such a great job of staying in character during the interview, I'll go with him for my answer. ;)

    You're so right that one of the best things about traveling are the people we meet along the way.

    Why do you compose your posts in HTML mode?

    Have fun with your sister and her friend!

  2. I love your weekend! It sounds like you two had a good time! This is exactly what you needed; a good laugh or two with a good friend. Good for you! xo.

    A story about recycling, Gwan? It sounds riveting. : P

  3. I ain't seen SBC's dictator but I saw Chaplins.

  4. MK - I have not, that's a very gracious way to answer a ridiculous question though! I think I compose in HTML mode mostly because it's easier when I do have photos to put them in proper order, and then I'm just in the habit of it. New Blogger is definitely a pain though!

    Ella - Ahaha, yeah after a solid week hanging out sometimes we all scrape the bottom of the recycling bin, story-wise, no? Really, I'm a fascinating conversationalist ;)

    Anon - I haven't seen that one either

  5. Aren't English lessons from a Frenchman THE BEST?!! Ughh, thank goodness for karma - sounds like he got what he deserves from his lovely girlfriend.

  6. oh dear, somehow this comment was supposed to be on another post . . . damn Blogger!

  7. No worries, it emails me either way :) And yes, pain in the arse!


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