Monday, March 18, 2013

Party all the time, party all the time

Hello long-lost friends! It has been too long since my last blog post, although in my defense, not much blog-worthy has been going on. This doesn't mean I've been in winter hibernation (although I think everyone is ready for spring to bloody well be sprung) - there have been Fun Times Aplenty, but not really of the variety that make for a good blog post. Although I'm now going to run through them quickly anyway.

Sadly, my good friend Laura left Tours (and then she came back again a few weeks later for the weekend, but then left again for good). Such is the nature of expat life - people come and go and sometimes only stay for a short period of time (a year, in her case). On the upside, it means that expats are usually pretty open to meeting new people and making friends in a shorter time-frame than might be the norm (certainly for France!), but the downside is saying goodbye to your friends just as quickly. Of course these days it's much easier to stay in touch with things like facebook, and even though that's a poor substitute for real-life friendship, it does keep things ticking over in the hope that one day you might be able to reconnect with a handy network of people flung out all over the globe.

We hardly need an excuse, but of course people leaving also mean parties! I think Laura's leaving do was the week or so after I came back from Belgium, and we had a lovely evening consuming her left-over alcohol stocks (including too much of the aquavit I brought back from Norway for her - that stuff is lethal!), playing a game of Secret Santa where the prizes were all the little trinkets she hadn't managed to rehome or sell up to that point (I scored some tupperware and little serving dishes for dips or olives or what have you), and busting a groove to a dancing game on Xbox Live.

 This is hard to see, but I'm pretending to eat the box because it has "not for human consumption" written on it

Liz and Charlie. I wish I had their ways with scarves!

Liz, Philippa and Charlie
A couple of weeks after that, Cute Neighbour, who you may remember from my birthday party, invited me over to watch the rugby at his place. I'm not a rugby girl, but in any case he accidentally (?) invited me round 3 hours early, and we spent the time chatting about all sorts of things and it wasn't at all awkward. Pity he still has a German Girlfriend. The only downside was that he smoked so much I felt ill and had to shower when I got home! In return, the next week or the week after I invited him round to Liz's place for a cocktail evening, which turned into an all-nighter out on the town.

Me and Charlie

Me, Liz and Charlie


Me and Cute Neighbour. There is photographic evidence that I had my hand on his thigh for quite some time. Whoops!
Then Laura came back for the weekend last week, and we had a pretty restrained time of it by our standards. This included going out Friday and Saturday nights for a quiet couple of pints at the pub and having a couple of glasses of wine with lunch on Saturday though, so it probably still wasn't exactly what the doctor ordered.
Snapping a few selfies in the kitchen: no night is complete without it!
Also somewhere in here was the time we went out and Caroline and I ended up staying out until 7 am or so when the clubs closed and then I was lured back to her place for an 'after'. I did actually want to go home, but she guilt-tripped me into not letting her go off by herself with 4 blokes, so the night ended drinking gin smoothies (much, much better than I would have imagined) as the sun came up - until after 11 am, in fact!

That brings us to this weekend, which had all the makings of a classic: Saturday was the Fête des Vins de Borgeuil, Caro and Marcia wanted to watch the rugby on Saturday night, it was Philippa's birthday and St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, plus after the long winter break, the Formula One was finally back!

It was pretty rainy and miserable for the Fête des Vins, but that didn't stop us having a good time. How can you not have a good time at an event where you pay 2€ to buy a tasting glass (to keep) and then you can sample as much wine as you like? As well as the usual suspects, we were joined by a new friend Mel and her husband. In a Gwannel Sandiego first, I was emailed by Mel last week via the blog! I have met up with people, mostly in Paris, via the blog before, but this was the first time someone in Tours came across the blog and contacted me. It feels a bit weird - while I'm not silly enough to think it's not "out there" on the internet, I kind of don't think of it as something that people in Tours are going to be reading. But, that aside, we clicked really well, so it is great that it has brought us together. What was I saying at the beginning about expat life and making friends?

Liz and I stayed on at the Fête until nearly 7 pm, after everyone else had called it a day, which meant a bit of a mad rush when I got home to get showered and changed and redo my ruined nail polish (I need to learn it's never a good idea to try to rush doing your nails), while watching a replay of the F1 qualifying from the morning (it actually got rained off, but I still wanted to watch it again because there was a lot of action before that).

And then off to stand in the pub while the rugby was on. We were pretty late, but seeing that I stood with my back to the screen, I didn't care. Poor Scottish flower Caroline was a bit deflated by the result though, and ended up going home not much later. As for me, I stayed on until closing time (2 am) but considering we had started at the wine festival at 2 pm, I decided not to go out clubbing and probably got home around 3 (after quite some time of wandering around collectively trying to decide what to do/chatting in the street). I probably should have got some sleep, but I tried to stay awake to watch the F1 at 7. I actually did quite well, only falling asleep for the last half an hour or so, and then unfortunately waking up to get a glimpse of the podium ceremony, so I spoiled the result for myself. Oh well.

The Tours Goat has made an appearance on the blog before, but I had to take a snap of him all gussied up with balloons!

Wearing green (nail polish too) in honour of St. Patrick's Day - it was after midnight by this stage!Also, I want to know what's going on in the background with Charlie and some cute blokes... I was too busy watching the F1 (they ran the rest of it late because of the rain) to notice at the time.
So, fun times, even if writing about them all at once does make me feel like a bit of a drunken disgrace!


  1. Now I've got "Party all the time, party all the time" stuck in my head! Who sang that song?? Just googled it and found out it was Eddie Murhpy. That's a big surprise.

    Thanks for including a pic of Cute Neighbor. I would have been really disappointed if we only saw the Cute Goat with the pink balloons!

    1. I know, I think I only found that out last year or something, despite knowing the song forever. And sorry, it is the kind to get stuck in your head!

      Ha, well Cute Goat scrubs up pretty well, but glad he doesn't live next door!

  2. I am BURSTING with happiness for you that you are staying in Tours!!! A huge congratulations!!!

    oy cute neighbor is a chain smoker or was he smoking herb? Either way, too much smoking really is gross. So you're better off, but how fun that you get to hang out with someone in your building! It's like "Friends" and every other American sitcom where neighbors are automatically buds.

    You look so beautiful in that photo. It's the best one I've seen of you. You look luminous and relaxed. : )

    Again, congrats and oh, since you're staying in France, if you would like, the invite to my wedding is still open. It's up to you. : ) You've been on my stand-by list because I knew something was going to work out for you.

    1. Thankyou!!

      Yes, total chain smoker (standard not wacky). He did open the window, but about halfway through the rugby a chain-smoking mate of his turned up, and it was awful with the two of them! I know, unfortunately he keeps talking about moving away to live with German Girlfriend :(

      Aw, so sweet, thankyou! Should put it as my fb profile pic and pretend I have a boyfriend ha ha!

      I sooooo do!! Just emailed you! xx

  3. Tours seems buzzing at the moment, glad you met a new friend even if one went away, it gets harder every year doesn't it??

    1. Well, mostly the same couple of places, it's no Paris, but we try to make our own fun :)

  4. You've had loads of fun times lately!
    It really is a shame that your cute neighbor has a girlfriend, but at least that didn't stop you from copping a feel of his thigh ;)

    1. My hand was, uh, just resting there while we had a conversation... ;)

  5. Nice to hear you are making the most of life and enjoying yourself. Good memories.

    Cute neighbour ( cheer!) looks like he should be working as a policeman in Spiral. (Engrenages. do you get that there?) pity about the German girlfriend (boo!) and the smoking ( yuk!)....but you could do something about that!

    As you are staying in Tours, I take it you didn't get the job. Commiserations, but it obviously wasn't meant to be...and they obviously are too dim, to pass a chance to employ YOU go by.

    Love Denise


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