Friday, May 17, 2013

DJ Pie

Just a few photos from some recent celebrations before I come to you as Special Correspondent from Ella's wedding. We went out for at least two rounds of drinks to celebrate my getting a job and staying in Tours. The first, at the Cave à Manger, was meant to be a sophisticated mid-week soirée, but predictably turned in to us wandering from bar to bar and, in a particularly low point, paying for cloakroom facilities at a gay bar only to find there was NOBODY downstairs on a Wednesday night. And that the shots were 5€ each! But for most of the night, the bubbles were rolling (to the constant cry of "To Gwan! Bubbles!", which I enjoyed very much.
Celebratory bubbles at the Cave à Manger
Then just before starting my new job (I always like to start off fresh), I hosted some more drinks at my place. I decided to make mini mince and cheese pies (that's beef mince, not Christmas mince) for the occasion, to give a bit of New Zealand flair to the evening. If I do say so myself (for the second blog post in a row), they were a Great Success. Probably no-one was more excited than myself, which for some reason led to me being christened, or christening myself, DJ Pie for the evening.

DJ Pie's pies

DJ Pie

DJ Pieface


We also recently had an Xbox Kinect night at Philippa's place, which involved dancing, karaoke, and getting a bit cray cray.
The très classy Domaine de Cray Montlouis bubbly
Plus we celebrated Marcia's birthday at The Pale pub, which was also celebrating its own birthday. To mark the occasion, they were giving out free drinks to the regulars all evening. Unfortunately though, we were all too dim to figure this out! Each of us just went up individually for a round when it was our turn, and then just thought "hey, they shouted us a round, that was nice" without actually working out that ALL the drinks were free. Would have had more if we'd realised, d'oh!

Anyway, that's all in this round-up, I'll leave you with a couple of pretty pictures while I jet up to Paris!

The Cher on one of the rare nice days we've had!
I put the ipad version of this on Twitter, but the colours weren't right at all


  1. Those pies look amazing! Please cook some for me next weekend- plasssssss????? Love youuuu! Giggled at the twitter too about your sunshine arse- at least he gave you the chance to explain and didn't just wander off thinking you were sharing a bit too much! Ps my pie pumpkin and bad billy please. :-) xxxxx

    1. Hmm, pumpkin and bad billy pie, I will have to work on that!
      Proper cringeworthy stuff! Xx

  2. Those pies look delish, Have a good time at the wedding.
    Love Denise

    1. They were yummy and the wedding was great!

  3. Who ate all the pies?


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