Monday, April 27, 2015

Please sir, can I have some Meersburg?

So many photos, you guys! On the last day of our trip, Easter Sunday, we got up and out bright and early in order to spend the morning in Meersburg before driving back to Luxembourg for a family dinner at Jules's mum's.

The internet waxes lyrical about the charms of Meersburg - its steep streets presenting a higgedly-piggedly vista of quaint old houses rising up from the tranquil lake front, capped by a 12th-century castle. Reading all this, we had originally wanted to stay there, but it was too late to find anything reasonable at Easter by the time we booked, so we went with Uberlingen. Uberlingen was perfectly nice, especially for walking along the lake front in the sunshine, but it's true that Meersburg is very charming.

As I touched on in a previous post, it's funny that somewhere with such lovely old houses AND a gorgeous lake doesn't get more press. I enjoyed Colmar, but now have a sneaking suspicion that, had Alsace stayed in Germany, it wouldn't be nearly the famous tourist attraction it is now. Well, I suppose if that had happened, it would have meant the Nazis won, so probably a good enough reason to eschew a visit right there.

After Saturday's constant drizzle, it was good to have some sunshine again to enjoy the beautiful views. It got a bit cloudier as time wore on, but that made for some nice photos at least!

The castle interior was quite good. Not absolutely packed with artefacts and explanatory information (although there was some of each), but interesting enough. We visited the tower as well, which can only be done as part of a guided tour. That was not super fascinating for me, since I had to stand there while (a seemingly very enthusiastic) guide went over everything in German, but there are some great views from the top, so worth your time.

You all saw how excited I was about signs that say "fahrt", so imagine my delight at finding a Bum Bum icecream
I want to stay in a hotel with a bear-bedecked turret

View from Meersburg castle

Me and a hoof stein

Jules in the armoury. The ones with the cloth over their faces are creepy. I think they're probably alive

View from the castle tower

See, how pretty is that?

A ferry coming in for a handbrake turn

Explanatory gif for the above photo caption. I laughed at this for a good 10 minutes, that is one badass mofo ferry service right there

On the lake front

It's a shame it's a bit hard to see the cool statue on the right - reminded me of those on the Charles Bridge in Prague

In the castle grounds

Meersburg town square

Street selfie. Lucky I just got new sunglasses, seems those ones got pretty chipped when I wasn't looking!

Looking up at the castle

Church and vineyard overlooking the lake
So there we go, I didn't have much of interest to say about it, clearly, but ten thousand pictures must be worth ten million words, so hopefully I've shown a little of how pretty it is there, for those of you (like me) who were unfamiliar with the region. There's so many beautiful and interesting places out there, I just wish I had the time and money to visit them all!

PS This time the pun was bad. So bad, it's good? BUT, it actually has a direct link to my trip as Jules and I were playing a "guess the movie/book/show I'm describing in Luxembourgish" game, and he didn't know "please sir, can I have some more"?!?* It didn't help that I don't know words like gruel, workhouse, or orphan, but come on now.

*"Wann ech glift, Herr, kann ech méi hunn?" probably not how you say this, but is my best attempt, in case you ever find yourself playing a round of  "guess the movie/book/show I'm describing in Luxembourgish" in the future.


  1. What a pretty place; the photos are really nice. (Love the one of you and the hoof, too.) xx

  2. I know that book! Wolf Hall?

  3. What a fantastic looking place, and that bum bum ice cream also looks pretty exciting.

    1. Unfortunately, didn't get to sample it!


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