Sunday, October 01, 2017

A perfect day part two

After our fabulous lunch with vinegar and wine tasting, we headed back to Bologna where Jules and I had a special treat lined up. A honeymoon is a perfect excuse to be a bit indulgent, and we had arranged a once in a lifetime experience - staying in the Torre Prendiparte, a 60 metre-high tower built in the 12th century. Renting the tower means you get the whole place to yourself for the night - although there are 12 storeys, there's only one bedroom, so it's perfect for playing princess in the tower.

Bologna still has its fair share of towers, but in the Middle Ages there were even more, as noble families vied with each other to build the tallest and most impressive structures. At some point, the city decided enough was enough and restricted tower building to the height of 60 metres, and the Prendiparte tower was reduced to that height, and other towers demolished over the years. We enjoyed walking through the streets mocking other inferior towers (although the 97 metre high Asinelli tower can still look down on "our" tower).

The first few floors are habitable, with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room each on their own floor, decorated in the nineteenth century. As you go higher, you reach the former jail, used in the 18th century and covered with historic graffiti, and then you come to the mostly empty upper floors, still with their medieval floors, before popping out on the roof terrace.


Jail dining room

Living room


Jail graffiti

Someone with an unfortunate case of blue balls

Jules in the jail
I really wasn't prepared for what an amazing view there is up there, a welcome reward for the gruelling 60 metre ascent. It's something else to have it all to yourself, with no other tourists around, and because it's private, there's no annoying ropes or grills stopping you approaching the edge and getting the best views.
The tower from outside

Some sort of tower warrior thing happening

Tower aperitif with our rosé Lambrusco

After dinner (yummy, copious) I headed back up alone to enjoy the night views. It was a magical moment - peaceful, but with the street sounds drifting up to my perch, particularly a concert going on somewhere nearby.

The rival towers, symbols of the city

 So, was it worth the hefty price tag? One night is enough for sure, but I would say yes. It was a special experience having the place to ourselves, and I'm unlikely to sleep in my own private medieval tower again in the near future.


  1. I think Bologna is my favourite Italian city. I'd love to spend a night in that tower!

    1. It's a lovely place. Weather was bad the first time I visited, so I hadnt been up any of the towers before. It's very picturesque from up there!

  2. You're so glam in your maxi dress with the beautiful view behind you!

    1. Thank you! Very practical for climbing up and down 60 metres of stairs too, lol.


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