Friday, January 26, 2007


Not that anyone will care, but I'm excited! My thesis is finally in the library, 9 months later. Woohoo. Anyone who likes can go to and type me name in (last name, first name) into an author search, and there I be! Hmmm, actually I think they've made a typo in the title. Which would make it exactly the same as the cover of my thesis, consarn it. Might have to make an ass of myself by emailing the cataloguers 'anonymously' - yeah, like that'd work!

In other news, last night I went on a Jack the Ripper tour with my sister and a bunch of her friends. It was fun - pretty cold - you had to use a lot of imagination to imagine yourself back in 188?6 (see, I learned nothing!) but it was informative and interesting and there were gruesome autopsy photos to be seen (who knew they had such things in 188?6?).

Tonight I met up with Tanya and Natalie, Doms girls, for revolving sushi and fun, which was all good.

And I interviewed at a library recruitment agency this morning, which must have gone okay because they emailed me a job this afternoon - pity it looks crap & it's in London, which I'm not too keen on. Don't know whether I should hold out for the perfect job or go for anything I can find... Arrggh it's all too difficult.

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