Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Two theatrical outings to report:
Yesterday it was the RSC, Antony and Cleopatra, feat. Patrick Stewart, late of Star Trek & Extras - occasionally him going "but I had already seen everything" (apologies if misquoting slightly) drifted into my mind. It was good, but can't dislodge that seminal version screened in 6th (7th) Form English - Eeeenoooobaaarrrbus!, anyone? Tiana, I know you know what I is talking about.

Today I saw Borat, banned from theatrical release in Russia (but, like everything else, available in a pirate version on the streets) so sadly unseen until now. At £8.50, it was more expensive than my super £5-for-under-25s RSC ticket, what a rip! However, it was much enjoyed, even if I was a loser there by myself. Don't need to be seeing that fat man's balls again any time soon, however. Sacha Baron Cohen, on the other hand, is not bad looking once out of Borat-mode.

Also today, I walked (1 1/4 hours there and back, go me) down to the National Gallery. Swathes of it were shut due to industrial action, but luckily I've been before. My noble purpose was, in fact, visiting the gift shop. Yes, that's an utterly philistine reason to visit a gallery, but I went on the offchance that I might be able to replace my beloved Art! bag, purchased two years ago on my last sojourn in merry old London, and it gave most faithful service until about 4 months ago, so that's well done in my book. To my surprise and delight, Art! is still available for purchase, so expect to see more photos of me sporting my fav bag in the future (if you just can't wait, scroll back to photos from Ireland or early days in Prague and there you go). Best of all, it's still only £5, bargain! Obviously the cruel finger of inflation has not touched the Nat Gal in the last couple of years. Oh, and don't everyone go and buy one, it's my signature bag. Well, chances aren't high, since most of y'all aren't in the UK, I think I'm safe.

And I got the library to correct the entry on my thesis. Nice work.

Oh, and I might have a temp job... Might. 3-4 weeks in London, probably a good call I think - earn a little bit of cash on the sly while waiting for a real job to turn up. That is, if it isn't just cruel hope-inflating talk from the recruitment agency.

That's all folks!

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