Friday, February 02, 2007

Gwan gets a job (?)

So I have accepted a temporary job - 1 month, starting Monday, which involves something along the lines of adding keyword tags to a website. Yeah, sounds fun! Only problem is, now I have been asked to interview at Oxford on Tuesday. What do I do??? Why do these things always work out like this - sitting on my ass for weeks, then in all kinds of difficulties with two things on at once :(


  1. You go to the Oxford interview - no contest!

  2. Oxford for sure. You will ace the interview gwan. Anyway, in a month you'll be cursing your jobless self if you don't go.

  3. Definitely - nip off to Oxford. They'll understand - it's Oxford! It is the Other Place, but still. (...and I'm back as an official commenter - you missed me I know it!!!)


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