Friday, February 23, 2007

What day is today?

Today is Mother's Day. Grrr I've had that in my head all morning. It's not even a song! Hopefully no-one but ranch knows where it comes from, it's hella lame...

I moved again on Wednesday, leaving the gracious hospitality of my sister's for a place where I get a bed, a door, a drawer and half a wardrobe - bliss! For the next 7 weeks, I'm occupying a void left by her Sri Lanka & Nepal-bound friends. (For some reason, this bothers me - why not just swing by India in between? Been there, done that? Can't get a visa? On an almighty crusade not to acknowledge the existence of such a thing as a 'sub-continent'?) The flatmates seem nice. Unfortunately, they store their toilet paper on a shelf above the loo, and I dropped the whole roll in the toilet on my first trip, so I'm probably secretly known as 'the new explosive-diarrhoea-suffering girl' to them.

Monday I'm starting a new job, library assistant at a sixth-form college, so that should be fun. You should see the place - you walk in and there's a security card and electronic turnstiles just to get inside! I'm a bit worried I'll be mistaken for one of the students (no uniforms), but I suppose I'm not as young as I once was... It's temp initially, possibly to go permanent, don't know.

Right, well time to go to work methinks.


  1. ooo new job eh! that's good! you'll be all settled & sorted before you know it!
    Hop yr flat is going ok, ill call u on the weekend about sunday drinks! x

  2. singing songs that 2 year old twins and uncle jesse sang on full house eh? pretty lame gwan, yous a big girl now.

    what next? an easter edition of the fresh prince o' bel air theme tune? chilling out, relaxin and relaxin all cool, while gettin' crucified on top of that big hill? muhahaha

    cut it out (uncle joey styles from full house - you knows it, with the actions and all!)

    ahh turns out i'm as lame as you!

  3. Yeah, you totally outed yourself as knowing where that was from au. Ixnay on the reshfay rincepay though! Allllthough, an easter edition is tempting!


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