Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Did You Know?

There's a legal requirement for all UK schools to teach Religious Education? Slightly different from the situation in the US, for example! I don't think they have to undergo quite the 13 years (plus kindergarten!) I had to, but on the other hand, RE certainly does come in handy when studying medieval history and literature. And Victorian history and literature, for that matter, although in that case it's mostly 'why Catholics are evil, parts 1 - 100'. Anyway, I am meant to be working, but just so you know I'm learning things occasionally amongst all the boredom of this job. Will let you know about the Oxford interview at some stage.

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  1. Who needs 100 lessons to know why catholics are evil? All you need to know is that god sends us cold weather to remind us to throw another catholic on the fire.


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