Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Of glands and kids

So, new week, new job... It's going okay so far. The kids call me 'miss' which amuses me no end. When they're not calling me miss they're generally looking like they might hurt me if I tell them off, or mumbling things incomprehensibly. "Miss dasfkldahfa;dfjads" usually means something along the lines of "Miss, can I have a calculator?" but it takes me a while to get there.

Most annoying thing so far is that I'm not supposed to have water in either of the computer areas, 'because we don't let the kids drink in there so it wouldn't be fair'. I think it's about time these kidlets learned that one rule for staff, one rule for them is entirely acceptable! Anyone who knows the gwan will know that where the gwan is, a bottle of water is never far behind. And if it is, she's very grumpy. Surely it's a human rights issue, come on people!

Plus my saliva glands are acting up. I swear, the fact that my glands periodically get all inflamed and sore and my constant thirst must be related. Clearly things aren't functioning and I'm left constantly dry of mouth. And no, it's not diabetes, I have been checked. On the plus side, when my glands go funny I can take em out from under my jaw and play with them. Since that's kinda disgusting and doesn't make them hurt any less, I tend not to do that so much though...

Much as I'm sure you're loving tales from the glandy side of life, I'd better get back to it. And yes, a girl's life is pretty dull when the best she's got to talk about involves saliva.


  1. Get thee to the doctor, girl!
    Mum (who else?)

  2. Doctors are too hard here. Everything in Britain is bureaucracy gone mad

  3. How can you be bored in London? Get out & do some of the free stuff around!!!!

  4. I'm not bored per se, it's just not very interesting to write about going to work and being sick in bed


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