Friday, March 02, 2007

Where next?

On Tuesday I had to travel all the way up to deepest, darkest Lancashire (again) to attend an interview for a job in France. I had applied for the job online on a whim, never expecting to hear anything from them, so I was very surprised to hear a few days later that they wanted me to come for a full day interview (arrgh). Of course, I had just accepted a temp job literally a few hours earlier, so I had the fun experience of (once again) wriggling out of my second day on the job. This time, I just 'fessed up that I was off for an interview, and luckily they were okay with it. Then I called in sick today - good first week performance! But my glands are killing me and I threw up mysteriously this morning, so I was like, screw it, I'm not going in.

Anyway, I digress. Point of the story is that I got a call a couple of minutes ago, and as of April 1st (hmmm, April Fool's Day, or something like le jour de poissons ? in French) I am off to the north of France! I'm going to take a two month contract, working at what is essentially a holiday camp for little British brats. My job is - in the sucky part - serving meals to the kids and helping with the cleaning, and - in the good part - taking the kids on tours to French cultural/historical sites - WWI battlefield tours, going to the markets etc. etc. Cool! Won't be earning much and probably working pretty hard, but for two months I think I can take it and on the plus side, I think being paid to tour around French areas of interest will be fun and hopefully I'll meet some cool people and improve my French. Plus it will be my fourth country of residence in a year (5 if you count good old NZ) which is pretty neato. And yeah, I haven't stayed in any of these countries very long, I realise, but working/studying in a country qualifies as 'residing' in my book. It's in Pas-de-Calais, nearest to St. Omer, which is a large town, and I think pretty much in between Calais and Lille in terms of cities. Other than that, I think it's stuck in the middle of the countryside, so I'll have to try and catch a train into Paris (only about 1 1/4 hours I think) on days off for a bit of big city life.

So that's pretty exciting and it's back to a non-English speaking land for me, yay!


  1. That's fantastic! Sounds a lot of fun - even the cleaning won't be a big percentage so all good.

  2. Cool.
    I lived and worked in Honduras for 2 years, when I was 2 years out of college. It was the best thing that ever happened to--other than meeting my wife, as she always make me point out.
    Never been to Europe, indded, I've never been off the North American continent--but I learned more about ow most of the world lives than most Americans will ever know.
    Have you lived in a þird world country yet? I think everybody should for a year or 2; if we Americans understood more about the 3rd world, my country would be a much better one...

  3. I saw you're from New Zealand; I was only bemoaning my own country's provinciality.
    And I don't have a thorn obsession; I just think they're kind of cool.

  4. A thorn obsession???

  5. Oh, sorry I guess I misinterpreted 'we Americans'. Now that I read it more carefully, I note the 'my country' part. And no, haven't lived in a 3rd world country, unless Russia counts ha


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