Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Intl Women's Day y'all!

We had a free breakfast at work today in celebration (women only, of course. Muhahaha!). Mmmm pain au chocolaaaat. Hopefully plenty of that to come in France!

And it's a gorgeous day today - sunny and warm enough when I took my wee lunchtime walkies to take off my shorty coat and parade about in all me three-quarter-length-besleeved-top glory.

Every day on my walkies to and from work, I pass by a laundrette with a sign in the window saying 'Wash and dry your duvet here!' And every day I think the same two things: 1) That's strangely specific, and 2) God I wish I had a duvet that I could wash and dry there! It actually makes me want to purchase a duvet, get it dirty and then take it in to be cleaned. Why? Why? ...The odd effect of advertising on an unhinged mind.

In other news, they're making me work on a display on the evils of smoking for work. The subject matter I'm cool with, but I'm god-awful at anything like that! It's not part of my skill set! I didn't put "can create fab displays" on my CV! And the boss keeps asking how it's coming along, despite the fact that this afternoon will be the first time the display-makers (one of whom is off with a sick baby) are meeting to discuss the display. How do you think it's going? What can I do without knowing how big this display is, what's expected to be in the display, etc. etc.? The latest occasion she brought it up was when I was sitting at the library counter looking appropriately slackjawed, and I was just like "um, okay" and after she left I realised it was, in all likelihood, a coded "why aren't you working on the display RIGHT NOW?". Hmmm, glad I won't be working here long.

One of the other things that irritates me about this place is how fricking slow the students walk around the halls. (The halls, by the way, are labyrinthine in nature and I'm guaranteed to get lost on the way back from the canteen.) And they fan out so you can't overtake with ease. I would say 'this is why all the kiddies today are obese' except, annoyingly, very few of them are here. Grrrr.

And, lastly, there is the state of the shelves. I may as well just close my eyes while shelving, I'd probably have as much luck getting the books in to the right place. They are terminally out of order, and if you try to organise a section in order to shelve properly, you'll probably find that the mini-section you've just put into perfect order is itself in the wrong position. Anyone who's seen my bedroom floor knows I'm no stickler for neatness, but this really gets to whatever anal-retentive side I possess! Plus I seem to be the only one routinely stuck shelving, which is fair enough really, cause shelving sucks at the best of times and a good trick back home was to stick the unfortunate newbie onto endless shelving duties while they were 'training'. But of course, I never had to shelve back at old Sylvia anyway. Ahhh, good times.

Anyway, enough pointless non sequiters, I bid you adieu.


  1. zzz

    some boy in ponsonby last night said to say hi to you - he did biochem at uni and is tall and quite good lookin'... name was seamus or sean or sumpin?? me no seen him before but he say he 'members me hangin oot with gwannel.

    anyhoo ranch and her stupid broken arm are going to police college today for 2 weeks so mes will be incommunicado bar texting. ahhh there'll be nothing like police college communal showers with a plastic bag o'er me sexually frustrated purple cast!

  2. Don't say sexually frustrated where my mum can see au!
    Good-looking biochem boys? Where are you when I need you! I don't remember him... Surprising since gwan never remembers anyone.
    Ooh police college coo



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