Friday, March 16, 2007

Didn't know I was born...

Regular readers of the blog will recall me whining about my miserly salary whilst a teacher in Moscow. However, I should have thought myself lucky - I just read in The Times that a curator at the Hermitage who smuggled hundreds of items out of the museum was paid just 3000 roubles a month. I was paid more than 7000, plus I got free accomodation, utilities and transport. So I'll have to try to shut up next time I'm inclined to whinge about anything!
Off to Brighton for the weekend, yay!


  1. deedle lee dee potatoes....

    Happy St Pats day!

    Now I know that in a former life you were creating those annoying web links on keywords in websites, have you infiltrated blogger and bebo with this evil now?

    1. potatoes.

      ranch just meant that her purple cast was the colour of sexual frustration mumma g, naught else. anyhoo i have a new cast and it's black so the comments about my gayness have ended.

      police college is so very cold and boring... apart from the super sexy detective who arrived last night.....phwooooarrrr.


  2. Wizzle wazzle? Gwan is on bebo but I never use it and I havenay been making any annoying web links.
    Now were the communal showers communal men/women???

  3. Oh just checked emails and I've had an annoying 'you've been tagged' by someone in El Salvador, so now know what you're talking about. Don't hold me responsible though, I'm innocent I tells ya!
    And if you're referring to the job I was doing, it wasn't creating annoying web links on keywords, it was tagging up the site so that if people searched for keywords they would find appropriate results. And it was the UK government employing me, not some random internet site...


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