Friday, March 30, 2007

Gwan's next harebrained scheme

Well France has been postponed for the time being - until the police report arrives, whenever that may be. I'm hoping for a start date of around 23rd April, but since that's entirely in my own mind and I don't control the Ministry of Justice (not yet, at any rate), don't really know about that.

So it's my last day of work here at the library and soon I'll be an impoverished woman of leisure. A woman of leisure without internet access, so although I'll try and hunt down an internet cafe or whatever, I don't know if I'll be able to check emails or what have you with any regularity.

I have news though! I applied to be a volunteer with EVS, which is an initiative run by the EU. Which means that, unlike most volunteer projects out there, I don't have to pay my own way, but instead get room & board and a bit of pocket money in return for working. And I've just heard that I've been accepted as a volunteer at the Auschwitz Jewish Centre. This is not, as I first believed, actually in the camp itself, but rather in the town of Auschwitz (although it's called something else these days). The centre educates tourists and so forth on Jewish culture and history prior to the Holocaust, as well as functioning as a Holocaust memorial. I get an 'intensive month-long course' on Jewish, Polish and Holocaust history and then I get to work in the centre as a tour guide and do various other things. Should be set to go in September, although there's still some bureaucratic things to get through with the EU (but thankfully I don't have to take care of that personally). So very excited about that!

General plan might be to go to France for two months, finishing up in late June / early July depending on how soon I get out there, then go home for a bit then back to Europe to start volunteering in September. Sweet!

And yes, I must come across as awfully fickle, but hey, gotta see as much and do as much as I can right?

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