Monday, March 26, 2007

Good job bad job

Don't miss the incredibly long post below, but have to blog again I'm afraid.

Last week I was typing (re: a job later in the year I'm applying for, nothing to do with the work I'm paid to do here, shush) and staring off into space as I'm wont to do, when a passing student noticed this phenomenon and gathered a crowd around to marvel at my touch-typing abilities. Oddly, he demanded that I not only turn the screen around so that they could see I was typing without looking, but that I also talk to them as I typed. There followed a curious mix of unstinted admiration from the boys and sullen 'I can do thats' from the girls. When I was done, I was rewarded with a round of applause! The only time, in my experience at least, that touch typing has been greeted with quite so much enthusiasm.

And then just a few minutes ago, a student reported that their PC didn't have a mouse. For some bizarre reason, said mouse was tied to the next computer over with one of those metal tie thingies. As I tried to release the mouse, I obviously jiggled the wrong cord and managed to lose the student at that computer her unsaved coursework. She was pretty good about it, but I wanted to crawl into a hole in the ground. I did the next best thing by promptly deciding it was time for my break.

Good news on the France front (see post below). Managed to get hold of them and they are still eager to have me. However, they do ('ideally') want a hard copy of the police report, so I might have to push back the start date a little, which is no biggie. In fact, if that happens, I might jet out to Prague for a few days whilst waiting around (yay). Will have to check how long it's likely to take though, because if it's going to arrive in a couple of weeks, fair enough - if it's going to take months, well...

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  1. Happy Birthday Francesca!
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