Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Peanut, Love Round

Let's join hands across the world and wish a very happy birthday to my bestest friend, Ranch. Incidentally, this is (by my count) our 15th year of being BFF. You can add another 4 years or so in which we knew each other but weren't friends, cos "she was in the rabbit club and I was a snob".
Reasons you've gotta love her:
  • No-one else appreciates playing a cracking round of "oh yeah, oh nah" (best game ever!)
  • She's most probably the only person in the world who thinks the (inaccurate) retort "shut up, your mum doesn't have a womb" is the way to win any argument
  • She always calls you even though you don't ever call her (sorry)
  • She's incapable of keeping any secret without pulling a sly Jeavan Bowley face, dropping extremely broad hints and going "Eh, Gwan?" (often actually accompanied with nudges and winks). She's less 'the vault' than 'the sieve'.
  • No-one else can cheer me up by making fun of me and calling me cruel names in quite the same way
  • She (usually) knows when it's time to stop with the cutting remarks (when Gwan's mad face and pursed lips come out to play)
  • Somehow, whenever I say anything along the lines of 'nah whatever x is totally not true' she makes it so and then is all 'I told you so' for the next zillion years
  • Sh-she know how to drive a train. See photographic evidence, above
  • Cos she's cool and totally in line to be a face model

Love you long time ranch, have a wicked birthday miss you heaps xxx Gwan


  1. My birthday wishes in the last post's comments still stand, despite the slur on my bodily parts....

    1. i just say it cos it ain't true and it makes gwan so angry mumma g!! i hear i missed seeing you at the mall by a few minutes.. boo.

      tanks a mill gwan. havin a great day :)

      miss you lots xxx

  2. muhahaha i'm still enjoyin.

  3. I said twas inaccurate

  4. i prolly ain't said it for like 5+ years too, elephant memory.

  5. don't make me prove it to be true gwannel!

  6. Heh heh tis beyond even your almighty powers


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