Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter

Jess, Kate & Mark at a club
Me, Jess & Kate

Me & Jess at the pub after the Boat Race

My stellar viewing window at the Boat Race

Jess 'climbs' a tree in front of an appreciative crowd

And she's up! Number One!

Tower Bridge, as seen from my walking route from the flat to the tube

Tower Bridge, as seen from the banks of the Thames

The spiral staircase in the Monument. I have a photo exactly like this from my last trip, but hey.

The view of Tower Bridge from the Monument (very popular subject for photography, that bridge)

The Tower as it appears on my daily walk

Passageway next to the docks on the way to the Tube. I just thought it looked cool with the light and shadow

Lacking reliable internet access at the mo, so let's catch everyone up on my various doings. Nothing much exciting to report really though. Went to the Museum of London - it's pretty lame and the section from the Great Fire up to the present day is closed until 2009, so don't make a special trip over to research the recent history of London, k?
On Sat went to see the Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge, along with a couple of Jess's friends. I'd heard of this before, but had no idea it was such a big deal - an estimated quarter of a million people turn out along the banks of the Thames to see it, and if they're anything like me, they get about a 5 second glimpse through the ranks of other people's heads. Jess fared slightly better after being shoved up a tree for a good view. Cambridge won apparently, but we were right at the start, so it took a few hours to ascertain that fact. Basically, it was an excuse for a bit of a picnic and a few drinkies, which ended up turning into a lot of drinkies and a late night. Started off at about 2 in the afternoon (fairly warm and fairly sunny, although unfortunately not as nice as it was for the rest of the weekend - lovely!) and wound up crashing out at Jess's about 12 hours later, so it was a particularly good effort that I was only feeling a tad fragile the next morning.
On Monday, I went to the Tower of London, since as a 'local resident' I could get in for a pound, hurrah! This is especially grand when you note the horrendous normal price of £16!! I could buy ummm something substantial for that kind of money. But for one squid it was a good offer, even though I've been before and didn't bother with the huge queue for the crown jewels.
And that's about all of interest. So now you know the rest of the story.
Oh, and no Easter eggs for me, bums.

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