Monday, April 16, 2007

Drunken fun (is there any other kind?)

Warning, some of the following photos are alcohol-induced. And no, there's not really anything going on between me & the Scott, it's all just photo fun! And it was ALL SCOTTY'S IDEA!

Scotty & I have a moment

A good time had by all

I think I might be kneeling on a chair here? Or is Scotty really that much taller than me?

Scotty gets a spanking - not that he's complaining

And returns the favour

Oskar & me. Going...


Gone! (well, close enough anyway)

The explanation for the photos above... Couldn't do a photoshoot with them undrunken, probably would have dropped tham all!

I try to line up with the shadow man (not all that successfully)

Greg, me & Carolyn

We went to Petrin Park, not Letna, which was sunny and relaxing and nice.
Later on that night (Saturday) I met Laurie for dinner at a Mexican place. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling too well and had to go home without even touching her meal. What to do? Well, naturally, call up Greg 'the cleaner'! One quick phone call and twenty minutes later, he turns up and proceeds to not only eat all of Laurie's meal, but to request a doggy bag and go home with my leftovers! The waiters looked a bit bemused as to what was going on, but Greg got a free meal and I got a replacement dining companion, so everyone was happy (well, except Laurie). By the time all this dinner-time shuffling had finished, it was around 11 pm before we made it across town to meet Carolyn & one of her work friends Adam, for drinks. I was thinking it would be a bit of a quiet night, but (with the addition of Scotty and his friend Oskar not long after Greg & I arrived at the bar) we ended up having quite a night of it. Greg went home pretty early, and Scotty hit the hay at about 3.30, but Carolyn, Adam, Oskar and I rocked on until (in mine and Carolyn's case) 7 am. Highlights of the evening included my Kamikaze cocktail, which turned up as a row of seven shots, and the fun photo shoot me and Scotty had...

Sunday morning was, funnily enough, reserved for sleeping. I hadn't got really pissed the night before, so no hangover, but pretty tired! In the afternoon, Scotty, Oskar and I went shopping down in Wenceslas Square, then at night me and Scotty met up with Laurie (feeling much better) for a movie - Notes on a Scandal, which was pretty intense and not quite what I was expecting from the broad plot summary I'd been given. Great acting, as you'd expect.

Don't know what I'll do today - Prague tends to shut down on Mondays... I've also been spending my money a wee bit faster than I should... Damn cocktails! The thing is though, unlike NZ and (I think) Britain, cocktails are only very slightly more expensive than just a vodka and sprite most of the time, so I tend to think why not?
On Sunday, as you can see, I had some photos done - more below in the posts 'Happy Easter' (last weekend's Boat Race and some general London snaps), 'Seaside Holiday' (trip to Brighton) and 'Catch up' (way back in January, it covers the second lot of St Petersburg photos and my photos from when my parents were in England).

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