Monday, February 19, 2007


Here I am at work with nothing at all to do. Apparently everyone's finished all the work so we've been officially told to twiddle our thumbs until later on this morning when we've been promised something else to do.

So I present Gwan's fillum review:

I was moved to get Hostel out on Sunday because I thought it would be amusing to watch a horror movie set in hostels in Eastern Europe, in which I have now spent a fair amount of time. Unfortunately, this movie was not scary, it was really disgustingly gory in parts and most of all it was very very irritating. On the plus side, as I found out, it was filmed in the lovely Cesky Krumlov (although set 'near Bratislava' for some reason - is Slovakia scarier than CZ?) so there were a couple of fun 'I've been there' moments. Why so annoying? The young American frat boy protagonists (plus an aging Icelandic wanker, to be fair) were motivated to go to Eastern Europe because apparently all the women there are smoking hot and will do anything with any man with a foreign accent - preferably American. This is particularly annoying because I've met plenty of men with that precise attitude about Eastern European women. And it's not even true. I'm sure there are plenty of ladies there who like a foreign guy - but I'm pretty sure your odds go up any time you're in a different country - you're exotic, you're interesting... But all the women I know in Eastern Europe are normal, pleasant girls, not depraved models. The movie redeems itself somewhat with a twist that sort of plays off the falsity of these sorts of perceptions, but not before providing plenty of soft porn scenes based on this premise. Ultimately, I just wanted the young 'heroes' to get killed, they were such empty-headed losers. Plus it's homophobic. And not even good. So Gwan awards it two stars, which are for Cesky Krumlov and for the business card which read [something]@gang.rus - subtle! Don't watch it unless you enjoy misogynistic gory twaddle.

It did, however, make me want to go back to Eastern Europe. Despite Ranch's prejudices, I love Eastern Europe. I do want to visit Italy and Spain etc. but if I had to choose, I'd go for Poland or the Ukraine first. Don't know why... I just find EE fascinating - more exotic, less known. I know it's not really all that exotic, but people still seem to think EE is scary - hence movies like Hostel I suppose. Can't wait to go back!

Oh and Hostel also had gangs of knife-wielding children - just like are supposed to roam the streets of Moscow!



  1. hey don't drag ranch's good name into the world of prejudice. i only di'n't like the axe wielding psycho EEers i had to live with in Dublin. Or the psycho EEers that would chase you down the streets in Dublin for your monies, or your bebes or what not. go to spain. or italy. they be o for oarsome. or portugal, it purdy.

  2. When did you go to Portugal au? Or Italy for that matter? Yeah I'll go eventually

  3. me wents to italy twice, once with ginny once with shaneo. and me went to portugal after me went to spaino. twas many many many hours on the bus.

  4. Hmm did not know that, you've been holding out sweetheart. Where in Italy?

  5. rome and venice. dat ok wit u?

  6. Hmmm, really shoulda cleared it with me FIRST


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