Monday, February 05, 2007

Guten tag

I'm officially a 'tagger' ha ha. Well, actually, my new (temp) job is officially as an 'indexer', but we have been introduced around the government agency which shall be unnamed as 'the new taggers' hee hee. I think I'm the only one who has a wee internal giggle at that one. We're doing the typical first-day thing of sitting around while logons and so forth get sorted out. The work itself sounds frightening - basically, reading every page on their website (between us) and working out what are the key words. These become 'tags' and then when someone searches under a particular term, voila, they find an article with matching tags. Sounds like I have a lot of scope to screw up... Still haven't had a quiet moment to tell them I won't be coming to work tomorrow, but I'm more optimistic because they said another temp's starting tomorrow, so obviously they were let off coming in on the very first day, so they can't really have a fit at me. I hope.

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