Sunday, November 18, 2007

All the news that's fit to print

Chamonix was blessed with snow last week, and today I made the most of it by finding a park out of town and frolicking in the snow... by myself like a loser, but hey. I even made a snow angel (leaping into the snow and waving your arms and legs about, for the uninitiated). This made me a wee bit cold, but as I walked out of my apartment thinking "it's warm this afternoon" (temperature = 1 degree according to the post office, as opposed to a frosty -7 when I was walking home at 1 am last night) it wasn't too bad. Everything is so beautiful, all sparkly and white (if you don't look at the grey/brown mush on the pavements, that is...) and snow's so much fun! Mum says she doesn't understand why I like it, but frankly I don't see what's not to like. Apart from the constant puddles by the door in my apartment, unfortunately I am unprovided with a mop to deal to them either. Apart from the snow at street level, you can already really see the difference in the mountains from when I arrived a month ago. They were pretty much bare (apart from Mt Blanc), and while they're not entirely white, you can now see veins of snow settling down in the valleys and crevasses running like white rivers down the mountain sides and settling on the peaks.

Apart from my snowy ramble, haven't been up to a great deal this weekend. Friday night I had the crew round to my apartment for pre-outing drinkies, which was fun, then we went to the (seasonal) opening of a bar, which was average but full of people I know so fun enough. Yesterday I headed round to the chalet to hang out with my mates - we had a kitchen disco complete with podiums (chairs) strobe lights (someone flicking the lightswitch on and off) and house music, lots of fun. There was also 'drinking Jenga' - Josh had actually customised a Jenga set with drinking game instructions on every block, class! I'm just glad I didn't have to drink the jug as reward for knocking over the tower - that was poor Fi's fate. We were going to go out, but everyone lost steam a little bit and we ended up gathered round the laptop watching Father Ted - not a bad Saturday night.

In other news, most people who actually bother reading the blog these days are probably appraised that I'm not loving my job. Going to have chats with one of my bosses on Monday so we'll see how that goes... Otherwise there's an unconfirmed possibility of moving to Poland and working in a public library. Will keep you posted.

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  1. Aaah Poland, the Darfur of the east, where smoked cracowurst can be had by the kilometre for as little as 3 zlotys and the mighty vistula meanders to the baltic sea. Suddenly Hungary sounds good.


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