Monday, November 05, 2007

Country no. 13, come on down!

Finally, I've been to Italy! Hurrah! It was to Tiana's old stomping ground, Turin, for only about 5 hours on Saturday, but still, it was Italy and it was cool. With that much time, we didn't do a lot, but we ate pasta (mmmm gnocchi) followed in the afternoon by gelatos (mmm tartufo) and then picked up a couple of slices of delish spicy sausage and goats cheese pizza to go on the way home. And we stopped in a supermarket where I got some yum Baci chocolate. So, yeah, it was all about food and I spent an absolute ton with nothing to show for it but a bigger belly, but it was worth it! Wandering around the city a bit was also fun - it wasn't spectacular, but it was pretty and there were some nice squares and particularly some interesting things in the way of street decorations - a couple of places with things suspended above the street, hanging down, which were really cool. It was also a lovely warm sunny day and a fun 2 hour roadtrip each way, although thanks to being out the previous evening to the wee small hours I did fall asleep on the way back.

Fri and Sat nights were also good, lots of drinking and dancing and talking to Frenchies. I was also the victim of a straw attack - evidently if you melt the ends of straws you can attach them to people's bums without them noticing. Apparently he managed to get 9 on my arse (obviously it's HUGE)before I twigged. This is fun when you see it done to others, not so much when it's your bum being victimized! Note for anyone trying this at home - apparently only to be attempted with jeans, unless you want to burn a hole in people's pants.

Sunday was devoted to lounging around in bed reading the paper, excellent! Oh, and receiving delivery of my fridge and microwave, yes! I even tied up the flat and did some laundry so go me.

Tomorrow I'm out of the office all day - thankfully because today was another nightmare busy one (caused in part by Friday's day-long IKEA trip, which of course means Wednesday will be even busier! arrgh!) roadtripping it to Albertville (again) and also Val d'Isere, where I've not been and I will have some time to mooch about by myself and see whatever sights there are to see since I have about 10 mins' work to do there and the girl I'll be with has to meet with people, hurrah!

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