Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last day

This is my last day of work and thus my last chance to blog before setting off to Angleterre on Thursday. I am very sad to be leaving France, I will miss it loads, now my grand ambition in life is finding a way to come back and live here again - hopefully working in a library... Odds, I don't know...

I can't quite believe I'll be leaving France for a long time, and, before I know it, leaving Europe too. I do mean to make the most of my last 6 weeks in Europe - I suppose 6 weeks is a long time when you think about it, plenty of people come over for a once-in-a-very-long-time 6 week trip to Europe and are pretty pleased with it, but in the context of the last almost year-and-a-half it doesn't seem long at all and I know it will fly by.

There are definitely loads of things and people I'll be looking forward to in NZ, but can't help feeling that that'll last for a couple of weeks and then I'll wish I were leaving again. But oh well, gotta take the attitude that it'll be okay and it's only a year or two in any case.

The weather here has turned certifiably freezing - the longest I've spent outside in the past few days has been about 15 mins' walk there and back to my mates' place the other day, which was so cold that it actually hurt my chest to breathe and all the bones in my face were aching. The thermometers around town haven't gone below -8 that I've seen, but every time I look up the temperature online it says between -11 and -15 (daytime!) so don't know what to believe. Cold, in any case.

Tonight is the office Christmas do - good timing in that I get to attend, eat and drink on the company budget and then have tomorrow as my day off - official last day of employment. Not that that will be a lot of fun, as I'll have to get up with a hangover and start packing and cleaning. Man, do I hate packing!!! I'll have to continue to live out of a suitcase for the next 6 weeks, and then I'll only be back in Aucks for a month or less before it'll be time to pack again and move to Wellington! Groan!!! Saying goodbye to suitcases for a year when in Wellington will be absolute bliss!!!

Catch you all again from the other side of the Manche. xx

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