Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry belated Xmas

Getting on the net for more than about 5 mins has been tricky, but now I've figured out how to tap into the hotel's wireless it's a lot easier.

Not too much to report. I've been super sick with the flu ever since I arrived in England.

Leaving Chamonix was a bit sad, but at least I had a super sendoff with the office Christmas party - and no need to restrain oneself when you're just about to flee the country! Not that my non-imminent departure stopped me on previous staff outings in Chamonix ha ha. Anyway, a very full-on night had by all, which made packing and cleaning the next day a bit of a challenge, but hey, work was over forever, so it wasn't too bad.

The most exciting event so far, then, was our outing to watch Liverpool thrash Portsmouth, oh yeah! We didn't have any tickets, so had to take our luck with turning up at the stadium on the day. Me and Mum were fortunate enough to score some corporate hospitality tickets - so we got to swan around in the (semi)private bar before/after/during the match and our seats were in the third row back, cool! Only prob was that the teams spent 90% of the game in the opposite half to where we were sitting - d'oh! At least they came down our half to score two goals... The atmos was pretty cool, but I must say - unlike some people I was sitting with - I didn't feel the need to cry when everyone sang "Walk On".

Apart from that, there has been an outing to Wordsworth's cottage in the Lake District, which was pretty interesting even if I'm not particularly into Wordsworth, various shopping trips and outings to the myriad small towns that dot the landscape up here. Christmas lunch was at the hotel where we're staying and was quite good even though with this flu I haven't really felt like eating much - long may it last! Well, actually, coughing so much I throw up isn't really worth it as a diet plan.

On Monday it's off to Leeds for New Years with Alice, then on to Newcastle to meet up with Anna and Esther a couple of days later - all Chateau alumni, so very excited we get to catch up. The other main news is that we booked my ticket home today. Hideously expensive, so let's hope all goes well with the MLIS eh!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and all the best for the new year xx


  1. It's "You'll Never Walk Alone", actually.
    Call yourself a Liverpool fan!
    (The blubber, *sob*)

  2. Yeah I actually realised I miswrote that later, but couldn't be bothered changing it.


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