Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Istanbul pics

Many more Istanbul pics to follow once I get my photos off the camera back in NZ...

The Blue Mosque

I try to look pious in an attempt to be let behind the praying section of the mosque. Not sure what the weird shadow under me eye is about though

Inside the Blue Mosque - my photos really don't do it justice, I'm sure better are out on the net somewhere, but you really gotta be there

Ceiling in the Blue Mosque

If the aim of the headscarf is to frumpify its wearer, it sure works on me

The Hagia Sophia - right across the road from the Blue Mosque

Me with the Blue Mosque in the background

Hagia Sophia from the outside - see what I mean about squat?

Another Jesus mosaic in Hagia Sophia

Mosaic of Jesus and friends

Mosaic in the Hagia Sophia - I still can't work out if it's blurry cause I can't take a photo or cause it's a mosaic

Andy in Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

A fine job done in covering up a cross in Hagia Sophia

In Hagia Sophia

In Hagia Sophia


  1. whats the story on hagi sophy , was it once christian ?

  2. Yes, Orthodox Christian, then a mosque, now a 'museum'


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