Friday, March 28, 2008

Home sweet...

I've been meaning to get round to a valedictory address for a while now. I'm back home, in one piece, and have relocated to Wellington for university (Master of Library and Information Studies). Which is somewhat dull but not too bad. And I like being a library assistant, so the giddy heights of librarian should be even better. I live in a flat with 5 others, mix of students and not, all in their 20s. Pretty good atmosphere, there's usually someone around to distract me from studying, which is a mission admittedly ha ha. Wellington is a nice place, much more compact than Auckland (not hard), don't know if the atmos is particularly cultured as people would have you believe, but there does seem to be a fair bit on at any given time, which is nice. I'm working in the library of a certain institute which shall remain nameless, I like my job, pay's pretty good and my colleagues are nice, so thumbs up all round.

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