Friday, September 04, 2009

Off again :)

Since I've circulated the address to a few people, I suppose it's time to restart the blog :) And what better time to do it than my last day of work? So, to whet your appetites for the exciting adventures to come, here's my itinerary:

Wednesday, 9th September
(09/09/09 cool)

Dep. for Milan, via Brisbane and Dubai

Thursday, 10th September

Arr. Milan. Hopefully head out to Monza for a pit-walk and signing session with all our favourite F1 stars if I'm not too shattered...

Friday, 11th September

Day out in Milan

Saturday, 12th September

Quali day at Monza

Sunday, 13th September

Race day!

Monday, 14th September

Heading to Florence

Tuesday, 15th September

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Wednesday, 16th September

Pitti Palace, Florence

Thursday, 17th September

Off to Rome

Friday, 18th September

Vatican I

Saturday, 19th September

Catacombs etc. Rome

Sunday, 20th September

Capitoline Museums, Rome

Monday, 21st September

To Cinque Terre - small towns on the coast

Tuesday, 22nd September

Chillaxing in Cinque Terre

Wednesday, 23rd September

More chillaxing :)

Thursday, 24th September

Off to Genoa

Friday, 25th September


Saturday, 26th September

Arrive in Nice :)

Sunday, 27th September

Housing panic begins and continues for next few days

Thursday, 1st October

Orientation for all the assistants

So stay tuned!

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  1. Missing you already....
    M xxx


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