Sunday, September 13, 2009


Having some problems blogging - I wrote a biiiig blog on Word on my laptop to save internet charges, but can't manage to get on the wifi here so having to use their PC and it doesn't have Word, so anyway, can't open that doc just at present. So here are some photos! Will upload more in a minute, just getting paranoid that it'll run out of time or something and lose them all...

Me at the Castle Sforza

Me and R dressed for a night out on the town (well, a low-key night in a couple of bars as it happened...)

The McLaren car in their tent in "F1 village" - last year's I suppose. Possibly a championship-winning mobile!

Lewis Hamilton, pre-crash...

The Duomo (Cathedral) Milan

Sorry for random order of photos - had to take a photo of the cheese served on the plane. Crazy Aussies eh?

Another shot of Button I think

A Brawn 1-2 finish to the race!

A Brawn car - Jens I think...


  1. Glad you at least got second :)

  2. Yeah good day, Button increased his lead to everyone except Barrichello, and he only took a couple of points... Red Bull did crap, yay! Sad Lewis crashed on the last lap, d'oh! But great day :)


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