Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rome photos

View from the top of the Spanish steps

The crowd looks on in wonder as some dudes clean out the Trevi Fountain...

The Trevi Fountain, in swing

View of the Tiber

The ubiquitous SPQR - Senatus Populusque Roma - the Senate and the people of Rome...

Spanish steps - underwhelming

Miaows in the ruins!

Looking across the Circus Maximus to the ruins on the Palatine. For some reason those flat-topped trees and ruins always make me think of Israel...

A liffant for my Dad to add to his virtual herd

Eyes without a face... in Santa Maria di Trastevere or whatever it's called

Pope Creepius I in St Peter's

A self-portrait by the Tiber

Looking down the Appian Way


  1. So jealous of your Cinque Terre photos! That's high on my paid vacation priority list, but the weather probably won't be as nice as it was when you were there by the time I get the chance to go!

  2. It's amazingly gorgeous, I really recommend it. I was so lucky, it rained a bit in Milan, rained in Florence, rained in Rome, and then it was *gorgeous* for the Cinque Terre, not too hot to make walking unbearable, but sunny and perfect for when you got to the beach! At least out of season there will be fewer tourists, although it wasn't too bad in that respect. I wouldn't be keen to do it in mid-August though!


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