Thursday, September 24, 2009

Genoa photos

Free internet with no-one waiting = catch up on uploading photos! Photos from the Cinque Terre and Rome below, and a blog post on my day today in Genoa. Enjoy if you have a long attention span!
Oh and PS I forgot to say in my Genoa post before that in one of the alleys I came across what could only have been 3 prostitutes, at about 3 in the afternoon! Well, okay, 3 prostitutes or 3 ladies who lunch in fishnets, heels and lingerie... Good old port cities eh?

A soldier on the John the Baptist reliquary

The be-ringed fingers of a reliquary of St Anne's hand

Shrink-wrapped Bible figurines! Impress your friends! Collect the whole set! In case you can't tell, these are actually life-sized figures, in plastic bags for reasons unknown. Jesus in a massive condom?

A lion on the John the Baptist casket. They really seem keen on their lions in Genoa

A close-up of a scene on the John the Baptist thingy - it's incredible how much detail and feeling they got into these figures! I was really very impressed.

The John the Baptist reliquary or whatever it is - the shape mimics the Milan Duomo, which you can scroll down for a photo of if you so choose...

The platter on which John the Baptist's head was supposedly offered up to Herod (ceramic head later addition)

There was this exhibition on how the word jeans came from Genoa and they invented it, which was news to me because I'd always heard the denim = de Nimes version of events. I think, though, that the cloth denim is indeed from Nimes and what Genoa is claiming is the typical blue dye. Evidence of which in this old cloth. If anyone wants to run with this as the next denim fashion trend, I expect some credit!

The supposed holy grail, brought back from Caesarea on the Crusades and later broken by the marauding French under Napoleon. Not particularly impressive, or even grail-like, I must say...

The Duomo in Genoa

I don't claim to know much about lions, but I know that the lion on the left is DEFINITELY going "eh-heh!" however much he may think he's roaring

Columbus's house

Inside the Duomo

One of Genoa's typical narrow alleys

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