Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grizzle grizzle

Will be quick because I'm a step away from hallucinating Yogi with a picanic basket or something along those lines, such is my exhaustion. Counting down the vital stats, have spent something like 16 hours (maybe?) on the plane so far, walked out of my front door at home 23.5 hours ago, and haven't slept in a bed for something in the region of 28 hours. I think I managed about 4-5 hours' sleep on the plane, with the help of a sleeping pill. God, I forgot how absolutely horrible they taste! STILL have the taste in my mouth 8 hours later. Getting a constant stream of hydration out of the steward(esse)s was also a hassle. I think I have in the region of 12 hours to go until I get to Milan.

Anyway, I'm in Dubai, profiter-en-ing from my first overseas trip with a laptop to keep you all updated with my doings! I note that Mum is front and centre on the blog already, ahhh a built-in audience, always a plus. So far I've stepped off the plane and on to a bus, and off that bus into the terminal, and that's been enough to confirm to me that I never, ever, ever want to come to Dubai. It's 5 am here and it's c. 32 degrees (the plane told me that, so put your exaggeration-meters away) and it's literally sauna-esque. If I weren't in the terminal, I would be running a serious risk of death.

Okay, I walked in and sat down in the first seat I saw to write this - pretty much because my laptop bag weighs over 9kg plus I have a coat and a handbag, so figured I may as well get in touch while I was resting the old shoulders, but it may be time to move on to the rest of the terminal - almost running out of water, which as we all know means I'm moving into Amber Alert phase.

Miss everyone already, would love to hear comments from old & new readers (if any)! xx


  1. Built-in audience here. Worse leg is over at any rate! :)
    Love you, xxx

  2. I hate flying! I'm not afraid, I just hate it, so I don't the long flights you all have to take from NZ!

    Have a safe continuation of your trip!

  3. Hope the rest of your traveling goes smoothly!

  4. I hate flying so much too. I can't even stand 8 hours to the US so I don't know how you do it. I want to see NZ and Australia someday but I'm seriously dreading the loooooooooooong flights.

  5. Yay, readers! Thanks for the comments guys. It is an absolute nightmare, but worth it to be here :)


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