Friday, September 18, 2009

Rome photos

Post below as well on my day at the Vatican. And while I have your attention, anonymice, reveal thyselves! I like to know who's commenting!

Liked the look of this shaggy wee customer - don't spear him!

St Peters

A ceiling in the Vatican

Trajan's Column

Raphael's School of Athens fresco

A statue of the Egyptian god Anubis dressed up in a toga. He just made me laugh, he looks so jaunty!

The Roman Forum

Raphael's fresco of the fire of something

One of Raphael's frescoes

Another of Raphael's frescoes

Creepy Masonic-eye-thingy in one of the churches

Dome of St Peters on the horizon

This amused me - fire extinguisher in the Pitti Palace. If it's good enough for F1, it's good enough for priceless works of art!

The Colisseum

Caffe Hag - I won't suggest who might like a cup, but perhaps Dad can make some suggestions?

Arch of Constantine

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  1. Oi! Less of the hag references. (No prizes for guessing this anon.)


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