Monday, September 28, 2009

Mon premier jour a Nice

Me at my new place of work! I suppose I shouldn't really put identifiable stuff up, but oh well... you can't google a photo

My lycee

The lycee where I'll be working

The beach in front of the Quai des Etats Unis

Fountain in Place Massena, a big square in central Nice not far from my lycee

So yesterday was my first full day in Nice, got quite a late start (damn you free wifi!) and then headed out on the 20 minute or so walk from the hostel to the centre of town, stopping for a pain au chocolat on the way, miam miam!

Basically we just walked around for a bit, went past my school which looks huge and gorgeous and is so centrally located! Quite excited on that! If my contact person still doesn't answer me, I might just rock up and see what the score is...

Anyway, the real job of the day was watching the F1, and Emily even came with me despite having no clue about F1! I had been tipped off to a bar that might show it, and indeed it did - very pleasant sitting outside in the heart of Nice, a block back from the water in a busy square, nursing our glasses of rose for the whole race. Downside there was no commentary and kept getting distracted chatting to Emily, so missed half of what happened - I checked later and heaps went on that I had no clue about!

In the evening, we cooked dinner and then looked for apartments, we found a few agencies that charge reasonable fees (some charge an entire month's rent, I balk slightly at paying 300-400 euros) and we're going to just go down to the agencies today, and thus avoid French On The Phone and maybe get something done straight away. I know I said I would find French flatmates, but Emily's really nice and this might be way less stressful, we'll see how it goes today. A German girl who's been in touch with Emily is meeting us too, I think she might be teaching at my school as well, along with a couple of other schools.


  1. Quelle horreur - it reminds me of my alma mater. (Well it would if it was covered in dung). Tell me is lycee french for lice? And does this mean that you have been infested?
    I have big problems here - your mother has bought a book on dietary advice and now expects me to serve our meals accordingly. I can't wait for the cardboard soaked in omega 3 oil followed by pesto chocolate. I'll send you a food parcel if you're jealous.

  2. Well those barriers kept me out yesterday, but stand by for the infestation. I think pesto chocolate could be the next big thing though!


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