Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cinque Terre photos

A *lot* of photos below, and these are just a small sample of all the ones I took! V hard to resist when it's so gorgeous!

WC? NOT HERE! On the Monterosso-Vernazza path

The view from the top of the Corniglia steps

On the Via dell'Amore

View of Vernazza coming in from Monterosso

View of Vernazza from the other side, coming from Corniglia

Sunset at Manarola train station

Partway up the Corniglia steps and more to come!

Ships pass on the Golfo dei Poete - Gulf of Poets

The sea! The sea!

A sampling of the million and one hostel rules - Basil Fawlty would love the place!

Riomaggiore from the sea

Shot of the path between Corniglia and Vernazza

Monterosso al Mare, part-way up my cliff ascent

Street in Monterosso

Me, just before hitting Vernazza - not too sweaty

Mao pops! I also took a picture of Stalin Gelateria, for my Cinque Terre salute to Communist dictators series, but I seem to have neglected to put it on my memory stick, so you'll just have to use your imagination I'm afraid

View of Manarola from the sea (the town I stayed in)

Manarola again

This is basically to show that I was high up, and I climbed up there, and am awaiting virtual pats on the head and to be told that I'm ever so good...

Sign proving how many steps there are up to Corniglia

View of Corniglia from the sea

The town of Corniglia - particularly proud of this photo, the way it looks like the photo of the town is acutually itself a photo sort of tucked in to the frame of the wall, if you know what I mean...

View of the coast

The church by the sea at Vernazza

View from the boat

And another one

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