Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy Busy

Hi all

Sorry I haven't been able to get on the computer very much lately, only at school where I don't really want to go on the blog and I haven't had very much time to do stuff anyway. Things are going well, Nice is beautiful as ever. Apparently there was some rain yesterday but it was while I was sleeping off Friday night, so there you go.

Talking of which - yes, I had my first night out in Nice! It was much needed, since our usual nightly routine at the flat is to all be home by around 5 pm at the latest, and hang out together before about a 9 pm bedtime! Ha! We went into town and met up with the other girl who works at my lycée at her flat and had a few pre-town drinks and then went to some other assistants' flat for some more drinkies then out to town. We ended up at Wayne's, which even I have heard of as a notorious haunt of tourists and expats, but it was fun and I even managed to make friends with some French boys who I'm hoping will serve as our entrée into the mysterious world of the French.

Today I went to the Marc Chagall museum which is basically at the bottom of the hill we live on. It was pretty small and had a late-career sequence of Biblical-themed paintings at its heart, so not much of the uber-characteristic Chagall style, although they were recognisably his. It was quite nice, and small enough to really take in the works, but not fantastic. Nice grounds though.

As for my "working life" - well there hasn't been much of it yet, not that I'm complaining. We had two training days last week, the first of which was set at tear-inducing on the boredometer, the second of which was more practical and helpful. The other days I spent observing a couple of classes at my lycée, mostly consisting of the students asking me LOTS of questions (including the likes of "do you want babies?" - they were so shocked when I said no that I don't quite know why they asked the question to begin with). I was meant to have a sweet timetable with Mondays and Wednesdays free, but I got a call on Friday saying it's changed - quite how, I don't know, and think I will have to work Mondays :( But not tomorrow - apparently next week will be full of observations as well, which will only leave one week of work before the first holidays, sah-weet! So might take a little trip to Monaco or something tomorrow.

Anyway, that's probably about it. I hate being always rushed and having to do résumés of my activities, the posts always seem a bit bland and blunted, but there you go. Internet at home before too long we hope.

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