Friday, October 23, 2009

Monaco photos

Sadly, as I said, camera is caput, so this will probably be the last of the photos for a little bit. Happily, a thought occurred to me the other day - I have insurance! For once in my life, basically because my landlady, the redoubtable and garrulous Mme C., MADE us, I have insurance. So, smiley face, I don't have to suck it up when misfortune strikes, I can (maybe maybe maybe) do something about it! Of course, this means navigating the uncertain shoals of French customer service, a harrowing experience at the best of times, even worse if done on the phone. I'm hoping in the holidays (yes, ALREADY) to go in to the office where they sold us the insurance and get them to help me. I bet you anything that they will refuse and tell me to call the claims number, but maybe if I look sufficiently pitiful they might take pity on me. Worth a shot, anyway. I'm hoping that they will pay for repairs/replacement up front because I don't really have the money to wait for reimbursement, but we'll see, anything would be gratefully received. Must have a camera! Discovered camera was broken when I walked past a shop here in Nice called "Moustaches" (gentlemen's outfitters) - how many more ridiculous shops must go unphotographed? The anguish!

Ads for superyacht insurance! Tres Monagasque, non?

View of the sea

The Rock

F1 tunnel

The excitement of an F1 corner! Revel in it! REVEL [shakes fist]

The gardens behind (in front of?) the casino

Cool fountain in the casino gardens

Fountain again

The casino, I think. Or possibly an opera house? But I think the casino.


  1. Tell me - in the view of the sea - who's that bird?

  2. That's sounds like poetry...


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