Sunday, March 07, 2010

Eze, Beaulieu-Monaco photos

Photos from my latest foray, from Eze village to the sea, back to Beaulieu then along the coast to Monaco Ville. Full & fascinating rundown in the next post below!

Old stone houses in Eze village

The 'golden goat' looks over the sea at Eze

Giraffes roam the ramparts at Eze

Looking up at Eze village from sea level

The view of Eze sur Mer from halfway down the mountain

The sea from the Allée Friedrich Nietzsche between Eze and Eze-sur-Mer

Tunnel through the rock between Eze-sur-Mer and Beaulieu - also known as the land of wind and (no) fire

I don't know who lives here, but they must be rich...

The coast at (I think) Cap d'Ail aka Cape Garlic! How French!

Looking over Monaco from the Rock

I think this is Monaco - it's the opposite side from Monte Carlo though so it could maybe be France (Cap d'Ail)

19th Century cathedral in Monaco Ville

Cathedral interior - very gloomy stony sort of a place

A Mary doll in a 17th C chapel in Monaco Ville. This thing is just begging to star in a horror movie - the whole chapel was creep city!

An early Grimaldi who apparently dressed up as a monk in order to gain access to the citadel and, presumably, slaughter its inhabitants

Inside the creepy chapel, Monaco Ville

Princess Grace's grave in Monaco cathedral. Bah, no matter how much thought I try to put into the order of photos they always end up jumbled, stupid Blogger

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  1. Fabulous photos - what interesting places you can walk to - it's great.


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